* Software delivered electronically by e-mail unless arranged otherwise is dedicated to providing local municipalities with quality software tools to meet today's demands. We know how challenging it can be to maintain data integrity on an information intense environment. We offer quality solutions at a reasonable cost.

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These products are developed with the highest standards in mind:  usability, reliability, end efficiency have all been maintained during the development process.  The product line is tested extensively to meet the toughest requirements according to standards set by Microsoft and IBM, as well as other well known companies.  Cityhallsoftware products provide unique features that make the use of the software user friendly. 


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Surveillance systems




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Other services offered for cities and  government organizations are: unique surveillance systems, consulting , and custom software development. The infrastructure for cities has special needs due to the complexity of the mixed environment daily operations face . If a specific solution is required to overcome a challenge or cost effectiveness and reliability are required, city hall software can deliver and ensure success.


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New document management/indexing service for local government.

Document indexing and retrieval made easy.



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