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Every city deals with vast amounts of data and documents. Over time these documents can add up to be in the thousands. offers a solution that is solid, cost effective, redistributable, reliable, and can run on a local workstation or the network. The document indexing service is based on a monthly or yearly subscription.

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How the subscription works?

Most cities plants donít have the internal information technology resources to allocate for this function. Document indexing is based on a CD or DVD subscription.  A download location of the document to be indexed can be provided; or mail us a hard copy of the CD/DVD containing the documents. Nothing more is required. We create the new media with indexing enabled for all provided documents. Every three months the process is repeated so the indexing for all documents is always updated at regular increments.


How the product works?

The supplied CD or DVD includes a search form, similar to the search engines on the internet. Search can be performed based on simple text query or customizable conditional query. The results display also in a similar manner as a web search engine. Text description from within the document, title and a hyperlink to open the desired document are provided. Document indexing is effective, reliable, and very easy to use. 


What are the benefits of using document indexing service? 


         Lightning fast speed for document retrieval

         Redistributable media

         CD or DVD ready

         Network ready, can run from any network

         Web server ready, can run from any web server

         Advanced search page allows users to perform advanced searches

         Sort text description that matches the query from within the document

         No software burden or license required

         Search result page formatting is fully configurable

         Boolean and wildcard search provisions

         Indexes, Acrobat (pdf), Word (doc, rtf), Excel (xls) and PowerPoint (ppt), all HTML and Text formats

         Easy to use, one button operation from start to finish!

         Low monthly or yearly fee


How can city hall departments utilize document indexing?

Document indexing and management is a necessity not a luxury. All documents that collect over time such as meetings and agendas, reports, lab analysis results, memos, report calculations, PDF manuals, HTML reference pages, and procedures, to name a few, are compiled in large numbers and usually reside in different locations. aims to provide tools to help locate documents from multiple locations, localize documents on a central location, and index them for instant query retrieval. Document indexing for the local government industry is an essential function and can add to the enhancement of any city's operations with minimal expense and effort.


How many documents can be indexed on one CD/DVD?

The amount of documents that can be indexed varies based on the size of each individual document. Typically an average word or excel document is 100Kb. This means that a single CD could contain up to approximately 7,000 documents and a DVD approximately 42,000 documents. For plants that are required to index larger amounts of documents, provides a substantial discount on multiple subscriptions.


How much does it costs?   

Document indexing comes in two subscription services

CD                   $ 59.00   monthly or $599.00   a year

DVD                $ 159.00 monthly or $1,499.00 a year


Buy a three-year subscription for $1,799.00 and receive a Search Pro unlimited user license free. Locate documents anywhere.  Document indexing and management made easy and affordable!

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