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A backup utility for workstation and network servers, this software provides the ability to create custom lists and synchronized backups on one or more locations with the click of the button. If simplicity and reliability matters, then this is a must have.

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What is Backup Pro

File Backup Utility is designed to perform manual backups and restorations. This utility has the ability to synchronize both source and destination files with the click of the button. Additionally, it will restore the proper version with the click of the button. Backups are mirrored  real time and will synchronize automatically for the next backup. Ideal for file servers and personal folders. This utility will save time with  daily operations and allows securing of files in additional locations.

How is it licensed
Search Pro was developed with  local municipalities in mind. We understand that the solutions and the tools need to be provided to everyone and that can be achieved only by enabling fair pricing. This product is provided as a site license which means it can be installed and utilized on as many pc workstations or servers an organization has. Total cost of ownership is very minimal. So the more workstations, the lower the cost.







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Site License $749.00


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New document management/indexing service for local government.

Document indexing and retrieval made easy.



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