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A comprehensive way to communicate in meetings and keep order with speakers can now be accomplished professionally and with minimal distraction while maximizing network resources.

Who Is Next?
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What is Who Is Next?
The most important task in a meeting is to keep participating speakers in a priority order based on the speaker’s request for input. “Who Is Next?” provides an efficient way to do this by utilizing an existing network’s resources. “Who Is Next?” was developed with the importance of speed, reliability, dependability, and overall efficiency in mind. The overall performance of this product sets it apart from other meeting management solutions.

Ease of use: “Who Is Next?” was designed for the average software user. The application allows the user to focus on work at hand while maintaining connectivity; at the same time meeting attendees are kept informed of the speaker priority. The application informs all members which member is next to speak and also allows users to add or remove a request to speak with the click of a button while still viewing the current speaker priority list in real time.

How does it work?
“Who Is Next?” Speaker order priority system uses up-to-date network methods. Utilizing one shared file on the network, applications maintain real time communication during meetings. Set user names and an unique ID number and the application takes care of the rest. It is that simple. Client applications are constantly updated any time there is a change on the speaker list.

How many users can the system support?
The application is designed for efficiency and speed. “Who Is Next?” can support as few as 2 users or up to 200 + users at a time! Stability and performance are never affected. If more users are needed, “Who Is Next?” can be easily customized.


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